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4 Effective Online Marketing Tips

This is the information age where the internet has revolutionized the way things are done. Marketing is an area where the internet has huge impact. That is why online marketing is as effective as other offline marketing like the use of physical billboards, TV adverts, radio jingles, and print adverts.

However, you need to apply certain tips to be able to get great results from your online marketing campaigns. This article outlines some of the most effective online marketing strategies that are easy to implement.

Create a social media presence

The world is obsessed with social media, and that is why new social media platforms keep springing up. You already know about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. They are the most popular social media platforms that you should exploit. Create social media accounts for your business and try to increase the number of your Twitter and Instagram followers and your Facebook Page fans. Believe it or not, they are your potential customers.

Start a blog for your business

Another great idea is to create a blog for your business. You need to keep posting highly educative and informative write-ups that are relevant to your business. The more you update your blog, the more viewers see you as an authority on your field. This will boost your sales tremendously and increase your bottom line because people generally trust those they see as an authority more.

If your blog is integrated into your business website, it will increase the search engine ranking of the site. Google and other search engines love quality content. The more you churn out great articles, the more the ranking of your website will increase.

Post videos too

A video is the most effective advertisement format. It yields higher ROI than both text and images. One of the reasons for this is it is being able to pass more messages. Remember, a picture is said to be worth a thousand words. So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t you think a video will be worth millions of words or even more? That is why it is important to include videos in your blog posts too.

Videos remain in the mind of viewers much longer than images and text. Videos are also more entertaining, so visitors on your website are more likely to view videos than view images or read a text. Videos breed credibility, and most importantly, videos also increase search engine ranking.

You must include videos in your online marketing strategies. However, it is important to make the videos brief. Videos become boring when they are too long. In fact, ideal video clips do not exceed 1 minute in duration.

Advertise benefits over features

A lot of organizations focus more on the features of their products instead of the benefits. You should understand that when visitors view your content, they are actually looking for what is in your products for them. So, if you must include the features of your product, then you should tie each of them to benefits.

For instance, if you sell stainless steel chairs, instead of postings statement A below, it is better to adopt statement B.

  1. The chairs are made of stainless steel.
  2. The chairs are durable, and they require little or no maintenance because they are made of stainless steel.

It is also important to let potential customers know why your products are better than those of your competitors.

Conclusively, while there are more online marketing tips, proper application of the four tips outlined above will boost the popularity and credibility of your brand tremendously, and it will, in turn, lead to higher sales.

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